A small window awning with a cassette that protects the awning fabric from damp and dirt when it is retracted. Nova Baroness can be operated from inside or outside by means of tape. Suitable for small to medium-sized windows and glazed areas up to 3,2 m wide. Accessories such as recess brackets are adjustable for depth, and offset mounting of the tape control simplifies installation on window frames and internal operation if the exterior wall is made of masonry or the like.

Operation: Motor, Tape, from outside or inside. Tape from inside, with offset mounting. Lateral tape position can be adjusted with the aid of offset mounting.

Accessories: Recess bracket 45-185 mm deep, pulley for interior operation, plate for mounting pulley on plasterboard wall, offset mounting for recess bracket. Offset mounting for normal wall installation, Tape holder, Cord crank (used for tape).
Series connection.

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION: Awnings are recyclable, with the exception of the awning fabric and a few small parts, such as stainless steel screws and shafts. The awning fabric generates harmful fumes if burnt.


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