We find the inspiration for our awnings in the changing climate and landscape of Sweden’s west coast; in the colours of nature, in the sea and in the rocks. We were also inspired by the longing for summer and thoughts of an enjoyable dinner, a glass of ice-cold elderberry juice, an absorbing book or a coffee break shared with the kids.

The west coast climate was another factor in the design of our awnings. They must be able to withstand being extended and retracted many, many times without any loss of reliability.

Quality is difficult to describe in words; it is something you simply recognize through sight and touch. To be really sure you need to wait a few years. That’s when you will appreciate your AMA awning most of all and understand what we mean. Choosing an awning is about quality and freedom of choice, whether you are looking for a window awning, patio awning or any other product from our range, with a cassette or without a cassette. It’s also about tips, advice and commitment from someone who cares.

We offer you all this.