A simple window awning that is operated from inside or outside by means of tape. Suitable for small to medium-sized windows and glazed areas up to 4 m wide, as well as for balconies.
The balcony awning is a standard Wienna awning mounted on poles – balcony legs – that are secured between the floor and roof just inside the front edge of the balcony, creating a free-standing awning that is not permanently fixed to the building.

Tape, from outside or inside.

Accessories: Balcony legs with fittings, Side fittings for securing arms to balcony walls, Tape holder, Cord crank (also used for tape).

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION: Awnings are recyclable, with the exception of the awning fabric and a few small parts, such as stainless steel screws and shafts. The awning fabric generates harmful fumes if burnt.

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