Suitable for medium to large windows, for both homes and offices.
The awning can be equipped with serial connection, which in combination with motorization makes it well-suited for larger applications. Accessories, such as recess brackets, allow for horizontal adjustment and facilitate installation on
stone and similar facades.

Operation: Manual with crank, or motor-driven with switch, remote control, sun and wind sensors or a combination of these methods.

Accessories: Recess brackets. Internal serial connection. External serial connection. Pivot roller for inside pull. Plate for pivot roller for installation on plaster
walls.Side shift for recess brackets.Side shift for standard wall mounting. Belt retractor. Cable-crank (also used with belt).

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION: Awnings are recyclable, with the exception of the awning fabric and a few small parts, such as stainless steel screws and shafts. The awning fabric generates harmful fumes if burnt.

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