Sometimes there is a need to maintain privacy while also protecting yourself from the sun and heat. This is where Tellus makes a good choice, since it shuts out inquisitive glances and harsh sunlight while still allowing you to see out. Another advantage is that Tellus is considerably less vulnerable to the wind than other awnings, which makes it suitable for use at height and in areas exposed to high wind.
Tellus is primarily intended for use on office premises. The awning is operated from inside by means of tape, worm gear or motor. Optional equipment for the motor drive includes remote control and sun and wind sensors.
Tellus provides effective protection against heat and light. In addition to protecting you from the sun, Tellus can also create a coordinated exterior when awnings are connected in series. The colour of the frames can naturally be chosen to complement the property. Window width: 100–300 cm.

Operation: Tape, crank or motor.

Awnings are recyclable, with the exception of the awning fabric and a few small parts, such as stainless steel screws and shafts. The awning fabric generates harmful fumes if burnt.

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