The cassette version of Nova Classic is suitable for patios, balconies, pavement cafés, kiosks, shops, etc. Can be mounted on a wall or roof. The drop angle of the arms is fully adjustable between 0° and 45°. The cassette version of Nova Classic has a robust design that suits most outdoor spaces. The cassette version of Nova Classic can be supplied in spans of up to 3.5 m. A patio awning creates an effective windbreak. The frames of all our awnings are made of aluminium, which is very durable without being unmanageable. To cope with extra high winds the front edge can be secured with a special telescopic strut (option). Nova Classic Flexi (option) allows you to adjust the awning to any angle to suit the height of the sun. Nova Classic Kassett has a cassette that protects the awning fabric from wind and weather.

Operation: Manual with crank, or motor-driven with switch, remote control, sun and wind sensors or a combination of these methods.

Accessories: Roof brackets for installation under pitched roof trusses 0°­45°. Telescopic strut for securing front edge, Motors, automation sensors and other equipment.

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION: Awnings are recyclable, with the exception of the awning fabric and a few small parts, such as stainless steel screws and shafts. The awning fabric generates harmful fumes if burnt.

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