When retracted the arms are hidden inside the cassette and the fabric is completely enclosed, providing excellent protection for great length of service. The arms are made for optimal fabric tension with powerful springs and Dyneema-belt. With up to 7 meters of width and 4 meters of extension, this awning can provide shadow to even the largest of terraces. Emperor and Grand Emperor also benefit greatly from motorisation or full automation.

Operation: Manually by hand-crank. By electric motor, controlled by a switch, remote control, automatically or with a combination of these.

Accessories: Gable covers in black, white or grey. Motors, automatic devices and other electrical equipment – see separate section.

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION:With the exception of the awning fabric and some small parts such as the stainless screws and shafts, the awning is recyclable. If burned, the awning fabric will emit hazardous fumes. For more detailed information and information on electrical equipment, contact your nearest AMA dealer.

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